The Perfect Circuit Training Workout

Circuit training allows for a high-intensity, no-equipment workout that keeps you in the gym for under 30 minutes and never leaves you bored. It also provides plenty of intense cardio and strength training. Circuit training is a type of interval training that repeats the same movements repeatedly without resting in between. You’ll start with an exercise that works on one major muscle group before switching to an activity that targets a different muscle group. There are different types of circuit training workouts. Some use your own body weight, while others use equipment that can be physically heavy. One type uses machines to weigh you down so you can focus on strength training.

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What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a popular method of performing workouts. It facilitates rapid recovery and progress, while also targeting all the major muscle groups with minimal rest in between. You’ve likely done circuit training in boot camp-style classes and didn’t even realize it. Circuit training helps to tax your muscular strength, endurance, and cardio respiratory systems. It’s a great workout that you should try!

What are some circuit training benefits?

Circuit training workouts have a ton of benefits, including:

1. Circuit training is one of the most effective ways to break up your workout routine and prevent yourself from getting bored while working out. If you find yourself getting bored with your current routine, then it’s time to try circuit training because it will definitely give you an excellent workout experience. The benefits of circuit training are many, including that you can get in a lot of workouts and progress ways in minutes with others. The extra loud music makes it hard for you to zone out or think about anything else besides your muscles burning during the workout.

2.If you try exercise routines that are circuit-based and more intense, then you’ll be amazed at how efficient it is. Your body goes through a post-workout recovery period that requires more energy when doing circuit training workouts compared to other methods., When you choose a workout routine that includes steady-state, moderate-intensity routines. For example, 8 to 15% more calories are burned via high-intensity circuit training. Such as the American College of Sports Medicine states.

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3.A circuit training workout will not only blast calories but will also increase muscle, so you can ensure your fitness goals. Plus, it’s a compact way of achieving your training goals at the same time! Your circuit training workout doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, especially if you’re just getting started. With these six easy steps, you’ll gradually build a perfect circuit for your needs. (Don’t have time or the ability to workout yourself? Check out our online workout! Check out these pre-designed circuit training workouts from expert trainers. If you’re not satisfied with this, DIY!

Step 1: Select the time limit for your circuit training workout.

Circuit training is based on repeating a set number of “stations” until your time runs out. Knowing how much time you have will help you figure out how many circuits you’ll need to complete and how hard you’ll need to work for maximum results. Reduce your circuit training workouts to 10-45 minutes and you’ll be able to push harder while still feeling at ease. You don’t need to take any breaks if you’re alternating which body part you’re working during each move. (This is perfect for a complete workout sequence.)

Example: One minute at five different stations. Repeat that for six rounds and it adds up to a 30-minute circuit training workout.

Step 2: Pick an upper-body exercise.

The trick with circuit training is to use whatever you have handy. If you’re at the gym, you have a wide range of options-but all you really need is your body. (Here’s a great at-home HIIT circuit training workout you can steal.) You can choose a different upper-body move each round or simply repeat the same exercise every time if you want to keep things simple

Upper-Body Circuit Training Exercises:

Shoulder press

Bent-over row

Standing dumbbell curl

Triceps dip


Russian twist

Step 3: Pick a lower-body exercise.

Just like you did with the upper body, choose exercises that will work each part of your lower body. You can change up the moves each round or keep them the same.

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Lower-Body Circuit Training Exercises:

Forward lunge or walking lunge

Sumo squat

Calf raise

Hamstring curl on a Swiss ball



(Want some more options? Check out this list of the best lower-body workouts for women.)

Step 4: Pick a compound exercise.

Weight training is an excellent workout, but you’ll really get your heart rate up by adding in some total-body movements to your circuit training plan.

Compound Circuit Training Exercises:

Jumping lunge

Mountain climbers

Thruster (squat to shoulder press)


Bench hop-over

Single-arm kettlebell swing

Step 5: Do cardio for 1 minute at max effort.

Research shows that engaging in cardio regularly is an effective way to improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Pick your favorite type of cardio to add to your circuit training workout and go all out for 1 minute.

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Cardio Circuit Training Exercises:


Jumping rope



Up-hill jogging

Stair climbing

Step 6: Rest for 1 minute.

You’ve earned it. Let your heart rate come down and then go back through the circuit as many times as you’d like for a complete workout.

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