Master The Push-Up With Our Push-Up Challenge

The push-up is one of the best bodyweight exercises anyone can do. It helps improve strength, mobility, and posture mainly because it works multiple muscle chains at once. Why not kick off your new year with a push-up challenge? You’ll learn how to master the exercise while improving your fitness and health.

The push-up is a great exercise that’s easy to modify. Whether you’re an experienced user or just bought your first, it doesn’t matter – the rigidity of the movements needn’t be too exacting.

Plus, you can do them almost anywhere. This makes them very easy to use in your daily work routine.

What are push-ups good for?


Push-ups are an excellent way to build muscle in the chest area, and do so with a lot of benefit. Not only do they have lots of benefits, but they are also an important part of your overall fitness routine.

Push-ups also:

  • work the shoulders and triceps
  • strengthen the lower back and abs by ‘dragging in your core’
  • improve your cardiovascular fitness, while helping to reduce body fat
  • help create stronger, denser bones – reducing the chance of osteoporosis.

Push-ups improve your cardiovascular system and reduce body fat by strengthening your basic muscles. This is one of the best ways to develop muscles. Push-ups are also beneficial for bone strength, which can help to slow down the risk of developing osteoporosis. They also help to build a stronger, more dense bone structure.

People will start at a number of different levels, but this is the beauty of the push-up. There are variations and modifications that allow you to be a beginner or an advanced user.

How to do a push-up

Kneeling push-ups are great for beginners when they’re first starting to work on building up their strength. As they get stronger, incline push-ups or full push-ups become more of an option. This can actually strain your shoulder joints, so it’s important to focus on getting the technique right.

Many people think you should be in a T shape (elbows in line with your shoulders), but this can actually strain your shoulder joint. Instead, you should aim for an upside-down V shape by moving your hands back slightly and tucking them closer into your torso.

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Tips for the perfect push-up

  1. Raise yourself up, toes slightly pointed in the air, and repeat over and over again until you can barely hold your pose.
  2. Support for the posture you’re using against your back on top of a flat surface.
  3. Now you have lost the upper body and are on your knees. Try not to slump or slump back, or you will lose all body posture and performance. Pause for a moment to breathe in and out slowly.
  4. Continue down so that your torso rises up and your shoulders raise up to finish the repetition.
  5. This is how to lower your body as you sit and then hold it in place while sitting forward. Sometimes it takes a lot of force to hold this stance but can also help get you through the motions of your daily routines.

Try a 30-day push-up challenge


Once you’ve mastered your technique, decide on a single goal for the next 30 days.

You might:

  • set a number of push-ups to do every day for 30 days
  • set a total to complete over 30 days
  • You should start with an incline push-up and work your way up to the standard one by day 30.

If you’re doing push-ups every day, you should notice your strength increase over time. It’s good to continue challenging yourself but focus on making sure that you’re doing what’s best for your health. Be sure to focus on the technique tips throughout your progress and before anything else.

Fitness goals are always challenging, but as you build up to them, it’s worth considering. There are many different things that can happen and as long as you stay healthy, it’s important to keep pushing toward your goal. If push-ups become too easy, take a few seconds to rest between each one. This will help to reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of each repetition.

Push-up variations to challenge yourself further

Push-ups are a great exercise that can be modified to vary the workout. These workouts will get more challenging with time, so don’t feel like you need to stop after your first set! Watch below to learn how you can make it harder.

How to do a wide hand push-up

Engage your chest and shoulders into the exercise by going slightly wider with your starting hand position.

We’re going to start this exercise by having our hands just wider than shoulder-width apart. We’re going to lift up onto the toes, but eventually make sure that we can get our elbows to touch the ground. The range of motion for this push-up is often a little hard depending on your flexibility, but it’s a great one for beginners! When the chest gets close to the floor, it pushes back through the hands to create a re-stabilized balance of stability.

This is a great way to increase endurance when you are in a plank position. To do it, you’ll simply drop down so that your chest touches the floor then straighten back up to the starting position. Engage your core as you press up from the ground and push out of the elbows.

How to do a suspended push-up


Add in the use of the TRX suspension trainer and you get a new challenge by trying to keep your core strong while using this motion. This can really help increase stability through your shoulders, making things easier for you!

Begin with your feet at hip distance, and take hold of the handles of the Suspension Trainer to lower yourself into the push-up position. Lower down, keeping your abs tight as you grip around your glutes to create resistance and pull back up.

How to do a Spiderman push-up

Now to make the push-up more interesting and challenging, try this Spiderman variation.

To do a Spider-Man pushup, begin from the push-up position. Keep your spine back and your legs straight, and your hips in line with the floor. Now is where the fun begins! From here, we’re going to stagger the hands, then we’re going to lower the torso down to the ground and bring the right knee up to the hip level, making sure that you don’t hit the ground with your hips.

Just lower your right knee up a bit and keep it in place. Now we’re going to push the foot up, bring your right knee down to the ground, and push your hips back. Keep that ankle straight and as you do this return with that hand. Great hand placement there, perfect alignment.

With a simple change in your leg position – whether it be kneeling or standing upright on the TRX – you can choose to focus more on heavy reps or speed work. Pushups are useful for a variety of fitness goals. They can be changed up to suit your needs, and they’re just as easy to incorporate into your current workout routine.

A 30-day challenge is a great way to make improvements and work towards a goal. Always think about your technique to avoid injuries and get the most out of your push-ups.