Les Mills GRIT Strength vs Body Pump: Which Gets The Most Effective Outcomes?

Les Mills GRIT Strength and Body Pump are both promoted as effective courses for constructing stamina and also aerobic fitness. Both utilize weights training, as well as aspects of HIIT, as well as, are ready for an upbeat soundtrack. But between GRIT Strength as well as Body Pump, which obtains the very best outcomes? Les Mills GRIT Strength is a HIIT (high-intensity period training) course that boosts your cardiovascular health, toughness and lean muscle mass advancement.

On the other hand, a Body Pump only integrates some aspects of HIIT. Relying on high-rep weightlifting, it intends to increase general athletic efficiency by getting you fit, lean as well as toned. Secret distinctions in the style, as well as sort of exercise, may imply you favor either GRIT Strength or Body Pump.

If your key objective is to melt fat, GRIT Strength is a terrific best workout. It will certainly assist boost your body’s metabolic process, aiding you to see physical modifications in your body in time. As a HIIT workout, GRIT Strength also boosts your cardiovascular fitness, though it’s not as cardio-focused as GRIT Cardio.

Body Pump is a low-load, high-repetition HIIT workout for your whole body. This training design assists you create all your significant muscular tissue teams, offering even more holistic benefits than targeted exercises. Body Pump is as a result an excellent option if you wish to accomplish a lean, athletic body.

Both exercises can assist tone your body, but which is best for you depends upon:

  • How many calories you intend to melt.
  • Your objective in doing high-intensity training,
  • And also just how much time you have.

Keep reading for a break down of Les Mills GRIT Strength and also Body Pump. We’ll take a deeper study these two exercises, helping you make a decision which one is better for your unique health and fitness goals.

What Is a Les Mills GRIT Strength Workout?

Les Mills GRIT Strength is among three Les Mills GRIT courses. This class series is Les Mills’ take on HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and also each has a slightly various emphasis. However, all GRIT courses follow interval training concepts, alternating extensive training with healing periods throughout the 30-minute class.

GRIT Strength includes bodyweight exercises; GRIT sports is a conditioning exercise ideal for athletes, as well as GRIT Athletic (previously called GRIT Plyo) is a power dexterity training class based on plyometrics.

A GRIT Strength class contains an increased workout adhered to by various workouts, like dead rows, clean and also presses, lunges, and also squats, while utilizing weights and weight plates. These workouts unlock your fast-twitch muscle mass fibers in charge of providing you ruptureds of energy.

In addition, the collections are created to push your heart rate to its optimum prior to you get a 15-second recuperation in between collections. Because of the strength of GRIT Strength courses, you are advised to take a GRIT class two times a week at most. You can match your workout timetable with other sorts of exercises or take a full break in between sessions.

Les Mills updates its GRIT training choreography with brand-new moves as well as songs every 3 months.

What Is a Les Mills Body Pump Workout?

Les Mills Body Pump was produced by incorporating cardiovascular dance and also weightlifting. This HIIT training is done with set choreography while lifting pinheads or utilizing equipment for circuit training.

The performance of the Body Pump depends on the ‘Rep Effect’, which revolves around the idea of light tons, high repetition. Each course includes 800 to 1000 reps of various workouts, like dead rows, bows, press shirt combos, reverse swirls, and lunges. A course can be 30, 45, or 55 mins long.


Consistent attendance in a Body Pump workout class is the key to obtaining defined muscle mass via your whole body. Research study has revealed that you can tone your body from the shoulders to your legs by doing these classes. As a result of the lighter weights made use of in Body Pump, you don’t need to worry about obtaining as well cumbersome.

Over time, Body Pump likewise enhances the level at which you shed calories and also fat, your core stamina, as well as your bone wellness. It is likewise an exceptional exercise choice for those that wish to reduce their risk of muscle mass and joint injuries, staying clear of ‘overloading’ as well as concentrating on repetition instead.

You can do your Body Pump workout 2 to 3 times a week but never ever on consecutive days. Rather, allow your body to remainder in between sessions or add in some light aerobics on your off days to obtain the most effective outcomes.

Like GRIT Strength, anticipate brand-new choreography and also music every three months if you proceed your Body Pump sessions.

Les Mills GRIT Strength vs Body Pump: What Are The Differences?

Though GRIT Strength and also Body Pump both utilise weights as well as aid to tone muscular tissue, they do have some essential differences. GRIT Strength classes are normally shorter than Body Pump courses. GRIT Strength lasts only 30 minutes, while Body Pump classes vary between 30, 45, or 55 mins relying on the level you pick.

You ought to take fewer GRIT Strength classes than Body Pump sessions in a week. For GRIT Strength, take two courses at most; for Body Pump, you can take two or three (or approximately four if you are skilled). It’s not a great suggestion to take both GRIT Strength and Body Pump classes in one week. It’s best simply to choose one HIIT exercise and also give your body a break with aerobics or a full day’s rest in between classes.

Both GRIT Strength and Body Pump are done with energetic music. Nonetheless, for the former, tracks are particularly developed to get your heart pumping to its optimum. For the last, the tempo of the tracks is developed to be compatible the activities, making it excellent for weightlifting.

Body Pump vs GRIT Strength: Cardio or Strength Focus?


GRIT Strength is extra cardio-focused, while Body Pump is strength-focused. Certain, you can still establish your strength with a GRIT Strength exercise– however despite the name, you’ll improve results with Body Pump. As a HIIT exercise firstly, GRIT Strength is developed to maximize your heart rate. Do note, nonetheless, that a lot of, if not all, HIIT workouts are essentially cardio exercises.

Body Pump vs GRIT Strength: What Weights Are Used?

In general, only a barbell and weight plates are utilized for both GRIT Strength as well as Body Pump courses. However, in some cases, a bench or an action, kettlebells, and also resistance bands are additionally utilized.

You can decide to obtain the Les Mills Smartbar ™ if you plan to remain on brand, however a common physical fitness bar can do the method for either exercise. The Les Mills Smartbar ™ weighs 2.64 kg, as well as plate weights range from 1kg (little), 2.5 kg (medium), to5kg (large). Heavier weight plates of 3.7 kg as well as 7.5 kg are offered for progression.

Relying on the collections you’re doing and the modifications put on the workout choreography, you essentially require the very same devices a lot of the time. Although in a lot of health clubs, you just need to bring on your own, and they will certainly supply the tools.

Body Pump vs GRIT Strength: Which Class Is Faster?

The workout design of GRIT Strength is quicker and much more eruptive than Body Pump. The pace of GRIT high-intensity training is designed to maximise your heart price as well as increase your physical fitness. GRIT Strength courses are quicker than Body Pump classes, however, lasting for only 30 minutes. GRIT Strength burns around the exact same number of calories in around half the time by upping the intensity.

Body Pump vs GRIT Strength: How Many Calories Do You Burn?

In GRIT Strength, Les Mills has verified you normally shed 340 to 400 calories per exercise. For a Body Pump, the calories melted depend on the duration of the exercise. For example, the standard 55-minute workout can burn an average of 400 calories, though in some cases it burns up to 560 calories! But, of course, the figures just drop from there if you’re a beginner taking just the 30-minute Body Pump session.

Body Pump vs GRIT Strength: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

HIIT workouts are understood to be reliable weight management programs due to their efficiency– a great deal is done in a short quantity of time. Though both exercises promise to establish lean muscle and also improve metabolism, just how does each one fare when it concerns weight loss? There is no precise answer for this, as calorie shed takes place in a different way for various individuals. Fat burning is, besides, not structured. In general, a higher degree of lean muscle suggests your body burns more calories in an exercise.

While GRIT Strength can deliver lean muscular tissue growth, Body Pump focuses on toning as well as specifying the muscular tissues you already have. GRIT Strength might be a great beginning point for your fat-burning journey if you presently have a greater body fat percentage. Still, take this with a grain of salt. You know what they say: different strokes for various folks! One of the most efficient exercise for weight management is one that you delight in doing, so you’re inspired to do it constantly.

Body Pump vs GRIT Strength: Which Is Best To Strengthen Muscle?

Body Pump is the very best alternative when you wish to enhance your muscular tissues. Each collection is created to challenge a certain body component using barbells. Though Body Pump prioritises high rep as opposed to high tons, this exercise is assured to give you stronger muscular tissues. On the other hand, GRIT Strength revolves around the HIIT method to training, and also while it does aid develop lean muscle mass, the cardio as well as calorie-burning benefits still take centre phase.

Body Pump vs GRIT Strength: Which Is Best For Beginners?

Novices can do both GRIT Strength as well as Body Pump exercises, but there are some differences. For one, GRIT Strength exercises consist of simple activities, however, the pace of the workout is what’s challenging. So if you already do cardio exercise, GRIT Strength might be an excellent level-up for you.

The 30-minute Body Pump session can likewise be done by beginners. The course will proceed till the 55-minute mark, but novices can quit at the 30-minute mark.

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This implies you obtain the entire workout with GRIT Strength every single time, also as a novice, unlike when you first start Body Pump. Nevertheless, this does indicate you do not have the ‘main’ choice to bail out early in GRIT Strength.

Alternatives to LES MILLS GRIT Strength & Body Pump

Not all health clubs make use of Les Mills team training programs, as well as you may be questioning what other team fitness alternatives are out there. If you’re seeking a workout style to attain comparable objectives, such as:

  • Structure lean muscle mass.
  • Increasing physical fitness.
  • Improving metabolic rate.
  • High calorie melt.
  • Think about searching for among these GRIT Strength and Body Pump options in your area.

HIIT courses are offered by a variety of regional health clubs as well as team fitness facilities. Contrasted to GRIT Strength, HIIT classes can be longer up to 60 mins, in some cases– as well as may make use of full pauses in between high-intensity exercises as opposed to lighter activities.

Circuit Training includes 6 to 12 exercises per terminal, developed to target various muscle mass groups. This is a little various from HIIT, as HIIT normally concentrates on cardio, yet circuit training can be personalized for a variety of health and fitness objectives. Nevertheless, some research studies do claim that circuit training burns fewer calories than HIIT workout.

CrossFit is one more popular type of HIIT that entails a range of challenging exercises. It is a conditioning exercise developed to increase cardio, power, as well as speed, to name just a few advantages. With CrossFit, you do not focus on only one facet of your body; instead, sessions go for full-body fitness and capacity.

4 × 4 is similar to GRIT Strength as the sets are planned to enhance your heart price to its maximum while you’re doing the exercises. Some motions include weights, yet there are variants where weights are not necessary. Some fitness centers offer AMRAP (” as many rounds as feasible”) training. This can last for 10 to 40 mins and also involves workouts like kettlebell swings, burpees, and box jumps.

EMOM (” every min on the min”) training counts greatly on your rate. You have to do a collection number of reps per min, and your rest time relies on how much time you have left after you finish your reps. It’s a good idea to talk with your fitness instructors regarding which workouts will certainly function best for your health and fitness goals.

If you do not have a fitness instructor yet, don’t hesitate to seek advice from one! Some fitness center teachers can also aid you with your regular workout frameworks, blending HIIT with core or strength workouts.

Do not hesitate to check out, try various courses and also ask what’s ideal for your objectives. As long as you’re looking for help from a qualified teacher, you can obtain some fantastic recommendations on which team training course works best for your body.

Related Questions

How Many Times a Week Should I Do Body Pump?

Begin with two non-consecutive sessions each week. As soon as you get the hang of it, you can enhance your Body Pump sessions to three or four. Display your body to make sure you do not strain yourself, as well as gradually develop to heavier weights in class.

What Equipment Do You Need for GRIT Strength?

In its most basic form, GRIT Strength workouts only need you to have a health and fitness bar and weight plates. Nevertheless, some GRIT Strength choreography requires a bench or step, kettlebells, or even resistance bands.

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