Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise For Men

A lot of men in the middle of their careers, like Terry Waters, often face a dilemma. As family and work life take up more time, exercise becomes less and less important, even though you know it would be better for your health. It’s so easy to find other things to put your time into. – we can’t just do it all! It’s harder to justify lacing up your running shoes for a good workout. Eventually, it’s easy to think, “Why bother?”

Keeping active throughout your life is the single most effective way of living a healthy and fulfilling life. WebMD’s Exercise and Fitness Tips to Improve Your Health offer a lot of health benefits, and gaining access to a gym might be the best investment you can make for your well-being.


If a drug company launched a pill that provided some of the benefits outlined in this paragraph, I think you would see a lot more people taking it. Not only does it make your heart and lungs work better, but exercising has been proven to help keep you away from things like arthritis and diabetes. Steven Blair, PhD, says “Don’t trust us?” Here are 10 benefits you can get from a simple workout.

Exercise Health Benefit 1: Lower cholesterol

Men’s cholesterol levels start to change as they get older. The wrong kind of cholesterol – low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – gradually starts to increase. Meanwhile, the good kind of cholesterol, called high-density lipoprotein (HDL), starts to decrease, which can lead to a spike in heart attacks. That combination of high LDL and low HDL is a leading risk factor for heart disease.

Eating a diet with low amounts of saturated fats, exercising more, and reducing your LDL cholesterol are the best ways to reduce your risk of heart disease. physical activity was associated with the production of more high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. A meta-analysis of a number of exercise training trials also found this to be true. Among 4700 subjects. The HDL levels increased an average of 4.6 percent — a worthwhile improvement in risk for heart disease.

Exercise Health Benefit 2: Lower triglycerides

The Danish study found that men with higher HDL levels also had lower triglyceride levels, which is good news if you’re trying to protect your heart.

Exercise Health Benefit 3: Lower risk of high blood pressure

As men age, their blood pressure levels typically begin to increase until it can get to a point where it’s high enough to cause health issues. Fortunately, not everyone has this issue and there are certain things they can do at home or even work to prevent those outcomes. Volunteers who participated in the study who were subjected to more physical activity had lower blood pressure.

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Exercise Health Benefit 4: Reduced inflammation

Regular exercise can help to lower levels of C-reactive protein, a measure of inflammation. That’s particularly significant because it reduces the chances that inflamed cholesterol-laden plaques will break off and cause heart attacks. Men with high levels of aerobic fitness are less likely to suffer heart attacks. which are good indicators of health, often have lower levels of C-reactive protein. They also show lower rates of inflammatory markers, which might hint at added longevity.

Exercise Health Benefit 5: Better blood vessels

Aging, smoking, and cholesterol build-up are the main contributors that can turn your blood vessel into one that is too stiff and thus harmful to the heart. A growing number of studies show that exercise can help maintain the ability to open and close blood vessels in response to physical demands.

Exercise Health Benefit 6: Lower risk of diabetes

With exercise, you can help keep your weight down and reduce your risk for developing diabetes. But you can’t prevent it entirely. But keeping physically active is how you lower the likelihood of complications. The Diabetes Prevention Program found that an exercise and weight loss program reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 58% over a three-year period.

This impressive statistic is more beneficial than any marathon could be for improving your health. In fact, the exercise they were doing is the equivalent of burning only an additional 593 calories of energy — slightly less than most men could burn from walking at a pace of six miles per week.

Exercise Health Benefit 7: A hedge against colon cancer

Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in men. Approximately 80% of the cases could be prevented, experts say. Eating healthy and being physically active is an important part of a person’s health. Studies have shown that physical activity can reduce our risk of colon cancer and help maintain colon health.

Exercise Health Benefit 8: Strong bones

The study followed 3,262 men from their 40s to their 60s. Half of these men engaged in strenuous activity like brisk walking for at least three hours a week while the other half did not. When people are physically active, the risk of falling and breaking a hip goes down. However, this does not mean that vigorous physical activity is an effective way to prevent fractures of other parts of the body.

Exercise Health Benefit 9: Weight loss

Consider the benefits of a lifetime of physical activity over vanity. In findings from the National. We Experts looked at the habits of 3,000 people who lost more than 10% of their body weight. and kept it off for at least a year. Eight out of 10 found they also increased their physical exercise regimen. This person is doing so many different types of physical activity each week that they’re able to burn off an additional 3298 calories per week, helping them stay fit and trim.

This helps with their weight loss and may be linked to benefits for men’s health. In a 2006 study at Ball State University. volunteers lost a total of more than 72 inches off their waists and 63 inches off their hips. That’s an increase in waist and hip circumference of 32% and 35% respectively.


Exercise Health Benefit 10: A longer life

Spending time in active leisure activities also helps you live a longer healthier life. Accord to a study, 15,853 people were followed for 20 years. and conclude that physical activity helps increase life expectancy by as much as 7.5 years. an important finding for a silver-haired manager looking to get fit! Skiing is one of the leading activities in snow sports. Cardiovascular disease and mortality risk were shown to be reduce by a quarter of the population during the study period.

How much exercise do you need to reap these health benefits?

Your life expectancy will be extend for 1,000 calories burn weekly. The amount of physical activity need in order to stay healthy is becoming minimal. This can be attribute to the rise of AI-assisted type of workout. These workouts mimic the movements required for various exercises. so you don’t have to worry about your fitness regiment being compromise. It provides major benefits, including improved cardiovascular health and a lower risk of developing chronic diseases. Lacking physical activity is related to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And in terms of exercise, more is always better when it comes to achieving your goals!