It is one of the most common causes of injury deaths, so it’s important to stay aware and on your toes throughout your life. In fact, balance is a crucial survival skill that can be lost over time. Changes in the body decreased bone density, or the loss of some motor skills can all cause balance to be lost. Nikki Fitness is the creator of a low-impact, high-intensity workout that helps keep your body feeling balanced and refreshed. The company was founded by a woman who noticed how hard it was for people to maintain their physical fitness after 30. By using light weights and music, Strength Nikki Fitness helped people maintain flexibility and prevent injuries leading to hospital visits.

How to test your balance

Here are three ways to test your balance and coordination:

On both feet:

Stand with your feet together, anklebones touching, and arms folded across your chest. Close your eyes for a few seconds, and then have someone time you for 60 seconds. If you move too much, make sure to keep your eyes still for the time being! Stand on the block for at least 38 seconds before switching your feet. During this time, make sure that there is cushioning around you or someone to catch you in case you fall.


On one foot:

If you start to feel dizzy, grab the side of the doorway and do a leg push-up. Close your eyes and do ten reps, and then try to do the same exercise without touching your hands. Those aged 60 or below can typically hold the pose for about 29 seconds with their eyes open if they can keep this up for 21 seconds. their chance of preventing blacking out increases by 10%. Those aged 61 and above: Honestly, try to pay attention to your surroundings from time to time so you can prepare in case something isn’t working out. It’s important that you remain safe, and Strength, especially as a beginner.

On ball of foot:

You should be able to stand this pose for 25 seconds without any discomfort. Remember to place appropriate cushioning when you do so. Many people have a hard time doing the human pyramid pose. It’s difficult because your body is held in a position that can be painful if you don’t place padding under your feet, knees, and shoulders. For those who struggle with this pose, the right way to do it is to use kneeling cushions to reduce pain and get into shape.

Stand on one leg

Glor uses a visual tool to help you learn the proper form for stretch poses. Take your time feeling the movements of this stretch. Make sure to keep your abs tight and engage your thigh muscles. Push through the balls of your feet on the ground, starting with one and then moving to the other. The center of balance should be in contact with each foot while you hold the pose.


Lateral thigh lift

It’s important to start practicing basic moves before moving on to more advanced ones. For example, you might start with a side-to-side Glor Plank to improve your lateral movements. Start by doing a repeat on one side, then move up to five reps on the other side. Gradually increase the number of repetitions you perform until your stability is strong enough so that you can do this move safely.

Single-leg squat

This exercise starts on the floor and will help tone the inner thigh muscles. The low squat and high stand are helpful to work your right glute, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. To progress, work up to performing five single-leg squats on the same side. Strength This provides extra muscle toning for your quadriceps and glute muscles to strengthen your legs and boost your balance power.

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Catch and hold

This is a great exercise to challenge your balance because you’re no longer looking at a fixed point. Practicing your hand-eye coordination can be a difficult feat for beginners since your eye is occupied with the target item. It’s best to stick with standing. The good news is that once you’ve got these basics, adding functional exercises won’t be too difficult.

Tree Pose

Stand with your back to a wall and balance on your left foot. Keep the rest of your body on an angle, so that you’re lifting up from the ball of your left foot with only slight rotation to start. When raising it up, Avoid pressing straight against it with your hands or placing it anywhere near the shin bone. Breathe in and out for 5 long seconds. Try opening one of your eyes or both. Raise your arms overhead.

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High Lunge

From your standing position, bring your hands to your hips and step back with your left leg into a lunge. Keep the body in a 1/4 shoulder-width stance, and lower the back leg down for modification if needed. This move strengthens the glutes and quads while stretching the hip flexors for increased mobility, according to Glor.

Warrior III

Start in a standing position with your hands at the chest, and your right leg bent to the side. Push out from the hips, pushing your foot back as far as you can while keeping it close to you so that it makes contact with the floor. Start by reaching your leg out in front, and extend it straight. Bend your knee and look down at your mat to find a stable position. Strength Then, reach forward with both of your arms to begin Warrior III. By doing this, you will Strength than the ankle and glute muscles so that they stay healthy and strong throughout all phases of your yoga practice.


Balancing half moon

So it’s time to start the sun salutation that you have wanted to try all month! Just a few quick pointers: you’ll be kneeling for this, so make sure your mat is high enough, and there should be a groove on the bottom of your mat. Your toes should stay pointing directly down (toward the ground) Now, inhale, and extend up as tall as you can. Rotate your right toe up toward the sky. Keep your gaze down at the earth for more stability. To progress, gaze up at the sky or remove your right hand from your hip and reach it upwards. Strength “This pose strengthens the core, glutes, and ankles for balance,” says Glor.