Best Pre-Workout Supplements

Setting and achieving goals takes effort. It can be made easier with the help of pre-workout supplements. By including one in your regimen. You’ll be able to get more active and stay healthier. When it comes to supplements. There are many to choose from. In this scenario, you might have a hard time deciding which ones to buy. There are many factors that go into finding the right Pre-Workout Supplements for you. What works best for each individual person’s body chemistry.

It Depends on the Type of Exercise You Do

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When it comes to your workout. It’s important that you choose the specific type of Pre-Workout Supplements. The best for what you’re trying to do. Some ingredients may increase strength or power while others may boost your endurance. By knowing which ingredients are best for a certain type of exercise. You can find the right thing for yourself!

Here are the 7 most important ingredients to look for in pre-workout supplements.

Different compounds found in pre-workout supplements can have different effects on exercise. Some may help you with strength, while others can increase endurance levels.


Creatine is a molecule found in your cells. It’s also a very popular dietary supplement. Most sports scientists consider creatine to be the number one supplement for increasing strength and power.

Several studies have found. That creatine should be used to increase muscle mass, strength. And exercise performance. Studies have reported excess gains. On average a weight training program are about 5-10% higher. When people choose to take creatine as a supplement.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Creatine is an important part of metabolism. and is involved in a number of processes in cells. If your muscles have better energy. You might be able to perform better and get greater progress, over time, with physical activity. Creatine provides some of the best bang for your buck if you want to increase your muscle mass.

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To ensure the benefits of creatine. You should start with a recommended dose of 20 grams per day. Which are split into multiple servings throughout the day. After reaching your weight loss goal. It is recommended to go down to a maintenance dose of 3-5 grams per day.

Summary : Creatine is one of the most studied sports supplements. It is relatively safe, and it has been shown to increase muscle strength and muscle power in people who regularly use it with training in anaerobic exercise.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant that helps keep you awake and alert by acting on certain brain cells. It is found in regular coffee, tea, food, drinks like energy drinks. Pre-workout supplements also contain caffeine. Which is a stimulant and can speed up your workouts.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Caffeine improves a number of aspects during the workout. Such as speed, endurance, and strength. Power output is the ability to produce force quickly. It can be increased by different activities. Such as sprinting weight training and cycling.

Studies have shown that it can improve performance during long-duration endurance events, such as running and cycling, as well as during intermittent activities like soccer. Most weight lifters and athletes would have a caffeine intake of 3-6 mg/kg body weight, with some consuming up to 9 mg/kg body weight.

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For someone who weighs 150 pounds (68 kg). This would be 200–400 mg. The suspected toxic dose of caffeine is much higher, at 9-18 mg per pound (or kilogram) of body weight. However, doses of 4 mg per pound (9 mg per kg) of body weight may cause sweating, tremors, dizziness and vomiting.

There have been many studies on the effects of caffeine on blood pressure and a risk for arrhythmia. This does not mean people should stop using it, as a cup of coffee can be beneficial for your health in some ways.

Experimenting with your caffeine intake is the best way to find your personal preference. Start off with a small amount and see how you respond to it before adjusting your dosage. Coffee is a powerful drug that affects sleep, so make sure to only start drinking it early in the day. It may also be best to limit your coffee intake to earlier in the day.

Summary : Caffeine helps people improve their performance. It’s generally safe at a moderate amount and even at high doses, it still is effective in helping people become more alert and focused. This can lead to improvements with their power output, endurance during longer events like team sports, as well as better reaction time.

3. Beta-Alanine

For people who engage in intense exercises. For athletes who need an extra boost before a competition, beta-alanine can help. It can increase endurance and decrease muscle fatigue. Taking a supplement like beta-alanine may help improve your exercise performance. This supplement may help you perform better. During intense exercise lasting one to four minutes at a time.

Pre-Workout Supplements

But, it may not be effective for improving exercise. That lasts less than one minute, such as a single set during a weight-training workout. Some evidence suggests that this supplement may be effective for long-term endurance exercise. But the effects are smaller than for short-term or very intense activity.

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The recommended exercise dose is 4-6g per day. The only side-effects are a tingling sensation from taking more than the recommended dose, or even taking the recommended dose too much.

Summary : Beta-alanine has been shown to improve muscle power and endurance, as well as speed up recovery. It can be used to avoid fatigue during short intense bouts of exercise, and the results improve over time.

4. Citrulline

Citrulline is one of the naturally occurring amino acids that exist in your body. Consuming citrulline from foods or supplements can help boost your body’s levels of citrulline. These increased levels are beneficial for exercise performance.

One of the effects citrulline has is increasing blood flow to body tissues. Which can help supply your exercising muscles with oxygen. And nutrients they need to perform well. One study showed that cyclists biked about 12% longer. Before exhaustion when taking citrulline, compared to a placebo.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Citrulline supplements have been shown. In a study to help improve upper-body weight training performance. Participants were able to perform 53% more reps on average after taking citrulline. Compared to the group who took a placebo. Citrulline can help decrease muscle soreness after an exercise session. There are two forms. L-citrulline and sprint citrulline malate, and recommended doses are based on type. For Best Quality: Vital Performance Protein Powder, 25g Lactose-Free Milk Protein Isolate Casein

When it comes to endurance and weight training. Most research has focused on L-citrulline. They have found that this amino acid helps. People increase their endurance levels. And helps them get better results for their workouts. The recommended dose is 6 grams of L-citrulline. Or 8 grams of citrulline malate. These supplements appear to be safe and do not produce side effects, even at doses of 15 grams.

Summary : Citrulline is an amino acid produced naturally in your body, and can be found in some foods and as a supplement. According to a study, citrulline may potentially improve aspects of endurance and weight training performance by increasing nitric oxide formation.

5. Sodium Bicarbonate

Many people are surprised to hear. That this common household product is also a sports supplement. The top thing people seem to do with baking soda is to mix it in with a laundry detergent for cleaning. But, it does have other purposes which are beyond the cleaning agent.

When there is a burning feeling in your muscles. During exercise, it might be due to the accumulation of lactic acid. Sodium bicarbonate can help relieve this “burning” feeling. You likely feel a burning sensation in your lungs. And throat as you exercise, which can be due to the lungs’ heightened acid production.

Baking soda with vinegar and lemon. On rustic background.

Sodium bicarbonate has been shown to have a small benefit. During activities such as intense running and cycling. But larger benefits were found when it was used. One study found that it increased power output during a 60-minute period. The primary benefit of this supplement. This is for intense activities characterized by muscle burn.

You can get sodium bicarbonate from regular baking soda or in supplement form. One common side effect of sodium bicarbonate is an upset stomach. You can help reduce or prevent this by consuming. The dose more or splits plan yelp doses to make sure it works for you.

If you’re limited to only certain types of sodium bicarbonate. But want a supplement. That is still safe and effective, consider consulting a medical professional. The recommended dose will provide more than enough. Sodium for exercise performance, and may not be ideal for those with salt sensitivity.

Summary : Urine acidifies during exercise, which tells the body when it’s time to sweat. Unfortunately, sweating always compiles additional fluid and makes it harder for the kidneys to maintain a healthy pH balance.

6. BCAAs

BCAA is composed of three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are found in many sources such as animal products. Although milk does provide a significant source of insoluble protein. A significant source of high-quality protein. It may not work as well for muscle building as whole protein sources. Dairy and protein are an important part of many breakfast, lunch, and dinner staples. Many dairy products also have sugar, which can prevent muscle growth. Meat and eggs are a fantastic source of BCAAs. They’re also packed with all the other essential amino acids that your body needs.

BCAA supplements seem to provide health benefits in some circumstances. Some research has shown that they may improve endurance running performance. While some studies have suggested. That BCAA supplements can help runners and cyclists, they have not been proven to work the same way. This is why many people still choose to stick with other methods of exercise instead. For some runners, the benefits may be even greater for slower runners.

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Running and weight training can leave you sore. But some BCAA supplements are said to reduce your soreness. Though the results of the research have been positive. There are a few instances where it does not work. The benefits of BCAAs may include enhancement of endurance performance. Loss of fatigue, and the reduction of muscle soreness.

BCAA dosages will vary, but they’ll be generally around 5-20 grams. They’ll also have a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Many people consume BCAAs every day from food sources. It makes sense that supplements are generally considered safe at typical doses.

Summary : BCAA, specifically leucine and isoleucine, are found in high concentrations in many foods. They’re not necessary for muscle growth (which you could consider to be a fringe benefit), but they may improve endurance performance, reduce fatigue, and lessen soreness when taken as supplements.

7. Nitrate

Certain organic compounds have been found in spinach, turnips, and bell peppers. These compounds are called nitrates, and they are generally small amounts that can be produced naturally by the body.

Nitrate has been shown to add oxygen and increase blood flow during exercise. This can improve performance in certain ways. And make the amount of effort you need to put in a lot more manageable. Nitrates are often obtained from beets or beetroot juice. Which can provide different health benefits. They may improve exercise performance by decreasing. The amount of oxygen needed during exercise.

Several recent studies have shown. That beetroot juice can improve performance during a 3.1-mile. (5-km) run by preventing exhaustion, and so would be considered a beneficial supplement. There is evidence showing that endurance running may be easier for some people. Omit, this may be worth considering if you take part in endurance activities.

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The optimal dose of nitrate is 2.7-5.9 milligrams per pound (6-13 milligrams per kilogram) of body weight. For someone who weighs 150 pounds (68 kilograms,) this is about 400-900 milligrams. Scientists believe that nitrate from vegetables, such as beetroot, is safe to consume. But more research is needed on the long-term safety of taking nitrate supplements.

Summary: Nitrate is a molecule found in many vegetables, including spinach and beetroot. It is consumed as beetroot juice. And may reduce the amount of oxygen used during exercise. It may also improve endurance exercise performance.

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