Best 10 Marketing Hacks for Personal Trainers

There are so many sources of information out there that it’s hard to figure out what’s worth following. Experts say different things, and it’s hard to know which way to turn. Tips in our list can help your business thrive no matter how big or small it is Trainers. Keep reading to find out how!

Emailing Inactive Leads

Our client, Carl, wanted to re-engage old leads and create new ones by sending emails with targeted offers that would better suit their interests. Old leads have been a big challenge for us in the past, and sending them emails has led to increased conversions while portfolio building. This program provided a lot of good results and generated more sign-ups. Joshua thought he’d be able to reach people who had been on the site for about 12 months. In reality, only 20% of his attempts were successful.


How to do it: The tactic here is to restart rapport with an email series and then send an offer. Hi, have you spoken to me before? I called today. How have you been? Let’s stay in touch soon.

Reaching Out In Person

With the large amounts of marketing and selling that take place automatically in fitness businesses, it’s important to have a website and/or email list to go along with that automation. Both work together to give your business scale. One of the best ways to connect with prospects is to jump on a phone call.

While it has never been easier for people, thanks to automation, people are also becoming in-the-moment. Pursuing a human-to-human contact is an emerging trend in customer service that delivers excellent results. It goes the extra mile to establish a positive connection that builds trust and leads to positive experiences for the customer with your company.


How to do it: When you have a personal training business, it’s important to understand that your ultimate goal is to help people. That being said, phone calls and meetings can help you get out of the online world and connect with real people who need your service. Other trainers don’t want to make sales, so getting out of the virtual world allows for more quality interactions.


Phone numbers are powerful assets to collect from potential clients. It’s important to have a conversation with them, find out how you can help, and then follow up. and even if they don’t end up being customers, they might choose you for a recommendation.

Headlines With Numbers

Outbrain found that using brackets in headlines boosted CTR by 38%.

How to do it: I found this article online and published it on your latest blog post. You can promote that article on social media by following these rules.

Niche Groups

If you can identify where your target audience hangs out on the Internet, and establish presence there, you’ll be in a good position to pick up new customers. Search for groups on Facebook, Meetup sites, and internet forums devoted to local causes that are related to what you offer. Then join them and interact. Don’t just give a sales pitch, that is going to be a huge turn-off Trainers. Rather, participate. Give value and show that you are an expert without ever having to say it. People will naturally connect with you and start to approach you for day-to-day service needs throughout your business.


Guaranteed Winners

The most popular blog post is an easy one. You just need to find a subject your audience has demonstrated they are extremely passionate about and re-purpose it into a video series. This type of content is well done and universally popular, which means it will be very successful on YouTube.

“Who Else Wants to Help Their Clients Bust Through Fitness Plateaus and Get Faster Results, Rapidly Recover from Injuries and Stay Injury-free For Life”

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It’s better to create content that responds to your audience, instead of trying to come up with 100% original ideas. Then, Trainers use different mediums like email articles, video tutorials and presentations to expand upon the topic.

How to do it: Use your website builder’s analytics, Google Analytics, or an app like Buzzsumo to find your most popular blog posts.

Onboarding Videos

Videos of you saying hello and giving them a brief overview of what’s to expect from this (the video) is a fantastic way to build rapport with your potential clients and it will have an impact on your conversion rates. They’re confident that they made the right choice and don’t experience buyer’s remorse. Little pieces of customer service like this go a long way to having a great fitness business that people love to associate with.

How do you do it? Record yourself or get nothing fancy. Just you against a blank wall or in your training space and looking professional. Quickly say hi. Thank you for joining, Trainers you appreciate their service and you’re excited to be working together on their goals. That’s it. Fitness marketing accomplishes this with ease using our online marketing automation tool and modules.

Negative Social Proof

The Petrified Forest in Arizona was excited to find that a sign they tested posted at their park reduced the crime of people taking petrified wood out of it. The sign test gave them helpful information about how people from the past have destroyed the natural state located inside. That made them feel more confident. This is devastating for the original forest and the eco system.

How to do it: Many people don’t take action to prevent diseases that spread or harm the environment because they’re afraid of a situation in which they’ll experience horrible consequences. Fear-based advertising can lead us astray from taking necessary steps to protect ourselves and our planet. Trainers Make sure your content is positive and non-negative.

Facebook Group Performance

Ever wonder how your Facebook group is doing? Head over to the Group Insights tab and check out all of the statistics- including member growth, interaction, and most popular posts.

How to do it: The Group Insights feature lets you access a variety of information including stats, insights, & insights. You can also use charts and graphs to understand your group and interact with them based on what they like.

Your Highlight Reel

Have you ever found yourself with a list of blog posts that always seem to come up within your discussions on social media, or ones on which you get quite a few shares? Those are your highlight reel posts and they’re great for making a website who.

How to do it: “How to draw a perfect circle in Illustrator with only 2 points” You can make a section on your website or blog to list the most popular posts, giving visitors an easy way to browse through them.

Be Good Enough Online

PTs should launch a product before it’s perfect so they can provide value to their clients. They should not use perfectionism as an excuse in getting things moving. Allowing too much time for changes will kill the progress and their client’s business will suffer. Create new content as often as you can. Always be testing and improving. Start with something that is good-enough and go from there.

How to do it: The best way to approach building a website is to define the bare-bones of what you want your new website to include and then repeatedly test small changes to optimize your conversion rates. Websites, opt-ins, sales pages, ads, etc. Trainers should all be optimized incrementally.