7 Ways to Exercise with Kids When Lockdown Restricts


In a world where we are constantly on the go, it is easy to forget how important exercise is for our health and well-being. It is a great way to get kids moving and interacting with one another in a fun way.

>>Lack of activity in schools can pose a risk for children. Children who are well-adjusted to the demands of their routines will not be hindered by restrictions during COVID-19. Keep up their fitness at home by involving them in your daily routine or even with your pets.>>

Working from home is undoubtedly easier when you have the option to stay in touch with your children and be present for their activities, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. Take them outside, or give them something to do. Then take some time for yourself, too!

Following these tips will keep your children entertained in various indoor spaces. Having great activities to get kids active is essential to them having a positive, healthy experience.

How much physical activity do children need every day?

Children who are 5-17 years old should get at least an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day, which includes mostly aerobic activities. It’s a good idea to start noticing how long your children spend doing aerobic activity throughout the day so you can adjust their training accordingly. They say that 60 minutes of exercise is enough, but playing sports for hours may be too much. Children need at least an hour of vigorous exercise each day.

It’s suggested that you get a little bit of light physical activity each day, including both moderate and vigorous exercise. You should try to break up your day with activities such as cooking, cleaning, and walking outside instead of driving.

If your child is inactive, you should consider how to minimize sedentary behavior. They should also try to limit multitasking while sitting or playing games on a TV. The Department of Health has released an article with advice on how to best minimize sedentary behavior. Consider how to limit multitasking while sitting or playing games on a TV. We should exercise and be healthy in a digital society.

We should be careful not to sit too long throughout the day, especially when it comes to the chances of engaging in physical activities. A typical sedentary lifestyle consuming 2 hours on a laptop or PC monitor is not something we should do.

7 exercises for kids during lockdown

Here are some ideas for easy ways for your children to get a healthy lifestyle:


1. Use online PE lessons

Joe Wicks is making waves across the world with his fitness videos on YouTube. He releases a video each morning in the U.K. for members who want to get their workouts started at this specific time, but you can watch earlier videos any time on Joe’s YouTube channel.

Many people are finding ways to move online while their children are locked down, so they might still be able to practice their usual gymnastics, martial arts, or tennis. This has helped women keep up with their busy social lives and stay healthy by making it easier to attend events. There are still certain restrictions, but the door is not closed just yet.

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2. Build on their natural interests

Even though your children’s clubs are not online, the activities and fun stuff they do outside of school still encourage exercise. You can ask about what some of those things are and even share them. You can teach your kids new dance moves, and make them more creative at school. It will keep them entertained for a long time, so it’ll make for a good workout too! Let them have a designated space in your garden for practicing their sports skills.

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3. Take scooters and bikes instead of walking


If your children are still apprehensive about walking, there are other options like bikes or scooters that they will enjoy. Even if they join you, they generally won’t stay at the same speed as you so there’ll be no need to worry about them getting left behind. Encourage your children to pick a hiking route that includes varied terrain and is easily shortened or extended.

It’s worth thinking about what will make it hard for them, but accommodating what they can do. Start with a shortlist so that people don’t turn off when you discuss future adventures.

4. Leave sports equipment in view

It is generally advised not to clutter your child’s day with too many things, but staying active and in shape is important for them throughout the day. Acting like normal kids, children will be able to receive a better quality of life. They can spend more time with friends and family and have their own voice which will allow them to be more confident in the long run.

Let kids leave their cricket bats, tennis rackets, and footballs out of their reach so they are more easily accessible. Also, make sure the bicycle or scooter is within easy reach of them in order to prevent any accidents. You might be OK if they head outside without you! Show them how to access the bike or scooter in a safe way outdoors.

There are many benefits of encouraging your children to get more physical activity, including making you more effective at getting everyone in your family on the same page when it comes to the amount of exercise they need.

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5. Design a family Games

When you’re not busy, get involved with your children’s fitness activities and we will love it! You can choose a country or town to represent, take responsibility for one activity each, and have everyone pick what their prize will be if they’re crowned as winners. Maybe you’ll want someone else to have dinner a little later than usual, while your children might want to stay up one night.

Activities don’t have to be complicated. Our favorites include:

  • Fastest in sack jumper (use old garden sacks or even dust sheets tied up).
  • Best dancer (we like to pick a theme).
  • Most jumping jacks in 60 seconds.
  • Best basketball shooter.

6. Calm everyone with yoga for the body and mind

Yoga is a practice that many people enjoy. It also helps lower the risk factors for certain diseases in children and allows them to move freely, which is good for their physical health as well as their mental health.

Cosmic Kids Yoga’s YouTube channel has sessions based on popular movies such as Frozen and Harry Potter. Cosmic Kids Yoga also offers mindfulness sessions and kid yoga classes with a playlist in the soothing environment of a white-list studio full of statues and ceiling fans.

We’re currently in a state of emergency, and The Karma Class, which offers home services like meditation and mindful movement during emergency situations, is offering their “Karma Homes” so that we can take a break from the stress. Completing a yoga session with your kids doesn’t need to take too long, and they’ll love it!

7. Set a daily exercise time

Schedule some playtime and enforce it as a new routine. This way, your kids get used to the new schedule and know they’re going to have a set amount of time to get away before you come together. Set an alarm a few minutes before and tell your children it’s time for them to prepare for the day ahead. Get their help with setting up their toys, including the younger ones. You can make DJ mix playlists for your AI writer and you can also customize their work environment by setting it to the perfect mood during a “preparation time.”