Outdoor Workouts

5 Greatest Outdoor Workouts

Indoor gyms, studio classes, and at-home workouts have many benefits, but outdoor workouts are comparable if not better in some aspects. Polluted air and even terrain aren’t a concern if you’re up for the challenge!

It’s hard to beat the feeling you get when you’re done with your outdoor workouts. Research has shown that people feel less mentally taxed after exercising outside. Exercising outside can give you a greater mood boost as well.

Outdoor Workouts

1. Class-Lovers: Bootcamps

A Bootcamp workout is a full-length training session, usually done outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, that promises gains in strength, cardiovascular health and weight loss for a wide range of goals, according to a 2015 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. You can find outdoor workouts at local parks and other outdoor spaces, or you can build your own.

Carolina Araujo, an NYC-based trainer, advises that if you’re going to whip up your own outdoor Bootcamps, you should include a mix of compound and isolation movements for a full-body workout. Her before-and-after results are impressive.

2. Body-Weight Beach Sessions

You can go for a run on the sand after completing a good sweat session, or you can relax with a good book. But doing a few bodyweight exercises will allow for muscle toning and fat burning benefits that are the perfect compliment to your relaxation time.

“Training on the beach is a fun experience, but you’ll want to avoid sand and sunburn in unwanted places, especially if you’re doing mountain climbers,” Araujo says. “Bring a larger towel or beach blanket, and a hat” Remember to wear sweat-proof sunscreen and use it liberally so you stay protected. And most of all, find the shade!

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3. Playground Workouts

Next time you’re at the playground, unleash your inner child. Playing in the playground is a way to let loose and play outdoors. Unlike new sport equipment that’s constantly being made, playground equipment is old and outdated aand replaced with something even better – this equipment is either already there or can be brought by yourself. You’ll soon see swing sets as suspension trainers, picnic tables as weight benches with.

Make sure to warm-up with a dynamic stretch to get your blood flowing, then move on to the drills that target all of those muscles. Get a workout for your brain, too!

There is no getting around the importance of warm-up and stretching exercises to promote healthier muscles and joints of your body. This includes taking “playground workouts” into consideration, since they help open up your range of motion and challenge you in a different manner than traditional gym equipment.​

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4. HIIT Routines

The beauty of HIIT is that it can be done nearly anywhere and doesn’t require any equipment. Peloton believes in the creativity of our riders all across the country and is excited to see how they put their workouts to use.

“When you’re designing a HIIT workout outside, you should take into consideration the environment,” she says. “Body-weight [moves] definitely the most user-friendly way to work out outside, but I love using nature as props.”

5. Backyard Gym Workouts

Outdoor Workouts

Working out at home is convenient, but staring at the same living room walls, basement clutter or garage cobwebs day after day isn’t the most inspiring of views. Luckily, any moves you can do in your home make convenient outdoor workouts too.

It’s easier and more affordable than you might think. You’ll want to consider weatherproofing your space. Stocking up on versatile gym equipment and giving yourself enough time for training in between day-to-day activities

outdoor workouts outdoor workouts

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