10 Things I Do That Help Me Feel Better.

 Things I Do That

This is a list of 10 ways to feel better when you are feeling low. Some of these are quick and easy to do, while others may require some more effort or preparation Things I Do That.

1. Have a good cry and let it all out. Things I Do

This is understandable. Crying can be a great release for many people, especially those who have been through a lot of difficult times in their lives. Remember that this does not mean you are weak and should try to avoid crying whenever possible.

Allow yourself to experience the emotions of crying and then use that energy to move forward.

2. Have human interaction. Things I Do

The physical human connection is worth more than AI writing assistants have ever saved. If you’re an introvert, call your mom. If your kids are around, grab one of them and read a book with them. Ask your husband for a hug. You don’t need to talk through your bad day at this point if you don’t want to, just find someone to physically connect with to receive some strength and comfort.


3. Put your phone away. Things I Do

Solving stress and improving your mood are important for you. Social media may have some benefits, but it can simultaneously cause a lot of stress and prevent you from having happy days or finding peace. You don’t need social media to put your thoughts into words or find solace in others. So avoid social media as much as possible during stressful periods.

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4. Get outside. Things I Do

Outdoor activities & being in nature helps me feel alive and connected with God or the universe & the world. Walking outside and focusing on my breath is one of my favorite ways to disconnect from all things digital. I love stopping to look at trees, flowers, or anything that is around me.

It’s amazing how focusing solely on a goal or idea can make you feel less of your problems when you’re dealing with something that matters more than anything else.

5. Exercise. Things I Do

Getting a good workout is one of the most positive things you can do for your happiness. What doesn’t change my day, though, are endorphins and their effect on happiness levels. They make me feel happy and really good about myself as soon as I finish doing a hard workout.


6. Take a bath or a shower. Things I Do That

When you feel tense and in pain, it’s nice to take a bath or shower to relieve the tension. When I was younger and sick, that’s what helped soothe me back to health. Although my mom always told me to take a shower and get ready, I always felt embarrassed by that. I always wondered whether she was right or if it was time wasted and if that extra hour would make any difference.

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7. Get dressed, put on some makeup, and do your hair.

Even if you might cry your makeup off later, get up after a long hard day and get dressed and ready. It’s so important to feel human when you’re in a low mood. Soaking in your pajamas with a rat’s nest on your head will not help lift your mood in the slightest.

Don’t just lay in bed all day, if you’re feeling tired. Not only will it be harder to focus on work if you don’t get enough sleep, but it might make you more susceptible to sickness. But a 25-minute nap can sometimes suffice.


9. Calendar out your week. Things I Do That

Planning my exercise takes very little effort, but it does make me feel productive when I’m having a blah day. Take the time to plan your exercise. decide on what you’re going to eat for the week, or make a lunch date with a friend. Having things planned, and some things to look forward to always lift my mood.

10. Clean or organize your space.

I find that clearing out my office, room, or kitchen is a great way to feel more accomplished. It helps with the clarity of your thoughts and you can focus less on other aspects without feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes, it leads to me cleaning out entire closets and drawers, which feels better than an overhauled room at the end of it.