10 Great Group Fitness Classes for Guys

Group fitness classes are a great way for guys to get in shape and have fun at the same time. You can find a class that is right for your fitness level, whether it’s high-intensity or low-impact.

The following are 10 of the best group fitness classes for men:


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has become one of the most popular ways to exercise in recent years. Yoga has been found to improve everything from mental health and mood to physical ailments like back pain and digestive issues.

2. Body Combat

Body Combat classes are an excellent way to build muscle and tone your body. These classes use the concepts of kickboxing and martial arts to help you develop your coordination, agility, and balance. They are perfect for people who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or who want to get in shape in their spare time.

3. CrossFit

CrossFit is a fitness program that combines cardiovascular conditioning, weightlifting, and gymnastics.


A boot camp is a short, intense training program. It is often used by military forces to train recruits, but the term more broadly refers to any conden course of study.

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5. Aquarobics

Aquarobics is a type of exercise that is done in the water. This kind of exercise is perfect for those who are looking to improve their heart health while also losing weight. It’s important to note that aquarobic can be practice by the whole family and isn’t just for adults.

7. Boxing

Boxing is one of the oldest and most primal competitive sports. It has been practiced professionally since the 1800s when it was promulgate by American-born English pugilist James Fig . The sport’s origins are unclear, but most scholars believe its roots to be in a 16th-century London prizefight between Jack Broughton and Richard Burke.

8. Hatha Yoga

Fitness Classes

Hatha Yoga is an ancient system of yoga that involves a variety of physical postures, cessation of all activity in the body and mind, and breath control. Practitioners are taught to use their own experience as a gauge for what they should do next. Hatha is done either sitting or standing.

9. Spin Class

Spin classes are a great alternative to running or biking. They offer the same high-intensity workout, but there is no impact on your joints. The bike can also be used as a weight machine, so you’re getting a full-body workout and toning up at the same time.

10. Spinning

Fitness Classes

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1. Tabata Burn at Burn Fitness Studios

The Tabata Burn class is a high-intensity interval training workout that will push you to your limits. This class is 20 minutes of constant, high-intensity exercise on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, rower, and more. The intervals are only four minutes long but they are intense and effective.

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2. Sports Conditioning in The Training Room

The training room is a place where athletes go to get healthy and get better. Athletes can get treatments from the staff members and trainers that work at the facility. The training room takes care of players before, during, and after games.

3. “Bells Out” Kettlebell Training at Soul Train Fitness

We are the home of “Bells Out” Kettlebell Training, a new fitness trend sweeping the nation. You can train for a variety of goals, from general weight loss to muscle building. Our trainers are all certified by the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation and have decades of experience in kettlebell training.

4. Body Pump at Commonwealth Sports Club

Commonwealth Sports Club offers various fitness classes, such as body pumps. This class uses weights and your body weight to tone and strengthen muscles, improve balance and endurance, increase metabolism, reduce stress, and boost self-confidence.

5. Broga at Borealis Community Yoga

Fitness Classes

BIRODAYA’s (pronounced Bro-day-ah) mission is to provide a sustainable fitness practice that engages the practitioner with the natural world, supports community connections, and promotes mental well-being through yoga.

6. Taekwondo at C.W. Taekwondo

C.W. Taekwondo is found on the principle of traditional martial arts training, with a focus on discipline, respect, and physical fitness. We provide instructors that are patient, qualified, and professional. The school offers classes for all ages and skill levels from the youngest beginner to the adult that desires to compete in taekwondo tournaments.


7. CrossFit at CrossFit Southie

CrossFit Southie is located in the heart of South Boston, Massachusetts. Our gym offers a friendly and welcoming environment to all members while providing a challenging workout for athletes of all skill levels.

8. Kickboxing at Redline Fight Sports

Kickboxing is a martial art and combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various techniques from other combat sports and martial arts.

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9. Boot Camp at Beantown Bootcamp

Beantown Bootcamp is a boot camp training program where students are taught the skills they need to thrive in the business world. Students spend six weeks with Beantown trainers learning everything from interview strategies to time management.

10. Vélo Cycle at Vélo-City Studio

Vélo Cycle is a bike-friendly gym that promotes healthy living and sustainable transportation. The Studio is located in Montreal’s Mile-End district, near the Lachine Canal. Vélo Cycle is equip with all the necessary tools to offer a complete workout experience: spin bikes, strength training machines, cardio machines, and a studio space for fitness classes.